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Virtual Makeup Lesson

One-On-One Zoom Makeup Lesson call 702-672-6725 before booking

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 125 US dollars
  • Virtual-On-Line

Service Description

I have found through out my 20 yrs of experience as a celebrity makeup artist more than 50% of woman do not know the proper way to apply makeup, even just the basics. Common examples I hear from women: -"I want to look done up, look refreshed, and feel confident, but not spend a lot of time applying makeup" -"I have so many beautiful eyeshadow palettes but don't know how to use them" -"What do I apply first, foundation or eyeshadow?" -"What is the right shade of lipstick for me?" -"I see so many women with glamours makeup, I wish I could do that" -"I want to look and feel prettier" -"My makeup comes off half way through the day" -"How do I apply eyelashes?" -"I buy makeup from department stores and when I get home I have no clue how to use them properly" -"I tried contouring my face and I looked dirty" -"Am I to old to use a highlighter or shimmers on my eyes?" -"I have been applying my makeup the same way for years, I am ready to try a new look" -"How do I use an eyelash curler?" -"What brushes do I use?" -"How do I get my lips to look fuller, and more pouty?" -"I tried a smokey eye and I looked like I got in a fight with my makeup" -"I always end up buying the wrong color foundation" -"When I apply concealer and powder under my eyes it seems to enhance my lines more" You are not alone ladies, I am here to help and guide you! Creating SOS 2:10 Makeup, I not only wanted to help women conquer makeup, but to allow them to enjoy color, feel confident, powerful and beautiful within themselves. One of my passions is teaching women how to adapt makeup application into their daily life. The aim is to pull from all the tried and true techniques out there and individualize it to you. *Prepping skin for makeup *Tricks and Hacks *How to get the illusion of a lifted face with makeup *Eyeshadow application: neutral, smokey eye, dramatic or vibrant *Proper application of lip liner and lipstick *Ombre lip technique *How to bronze properly *Perfecting brows *Proper blush application *Proper use of brushes and sponges *Contouring *Baking *Highlighting *Bringing out your eyes using eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara *Proper foundation matching *Concealer, Color Correction *Product and technique recommendations based on your specific skin type and facial features I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your new beauty adventure Times may vary depending on each client call 702-672-5725 for questions before booking

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