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Feminine & Lady-Like

From my past experience as an etiquette instructor at John Robert Powers Modeling Agency, I would like to share a few tips on the art and etiquette of being a lady.

  • Smile it’s contagious

  • Dress up to make you feel beautiful

  • You can be modest and still be sexy

  • Be Victorious

  • Be prompt

  • Show respect, don’t scream! It’s ok to be firm when needed (remember, you're not a doormat)

  • Wear handbags and shoes to match the occasion

  • Wear the proper undergarments to be more flattering and show off the curves (gotta love the spanks)

  • You can be beautiful but nothing sexier than a woman with intelligence and confidence

  • Know that no matter your shape or size you can still dress classy

  • Remember names, and always keep eye contact

  • Smell Lovely but not over barring, Have a variety of fragrances

  • Send thank you cards, keep it old fashion, it's more personable

  • Always try and make others feel special

  • Give compliments

  • Receive compliments gracefully by saying thank you

  • Value yourself, Love yourself it shows

  • Never use a toothpick in public

  • Eat slow, never talk with a full mouth

  • Excuse yourself from the table in a ladylike way

  • Learn table etiquette and how to use the silverware and napkin properly-No elbows on the table

  • Identify the proper time to be on your smartphone in social setting

  • Let your personality shine

  • Hygiene is the best sexy

  • Self Love, Self care, and Pampering are also a form of etiquette

  • Never interrupt conversations

  • Posture, posture, posture ladies. Remember your crowned with God’s love we wouldn’t want your crown to slip

  • Cross your legs when wearing a dress or skirt

  • Say NO to wrinkled clothes, every woman should own an iron

  • Every woman should own one nice expensive handbag in their lifetime

  • Keep the cleavage to a minimal, we want people to talk to us not our boobs

  • Show respect, demand respect

  • Please and thank you is simple, yet super important

  • Keep your word

  • Dress important, because you are

  • Help empower other woman, we must encourage each other, not be in competition with each other

  • Be Kind and generous

  • Walk in the room like God sent you there



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