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Eyes Tell It All!

I love creating beautiful eyeshadow looks for my clients.

The key to a beautiful eyeshadow application is in the tools and blending.

Believe it or not my favorite tool is Q tips. It helps blend, clean up shadows that have fallen, and when wet you can define your lower eyeliner.

Few steps to applying shadow for beginners, four shades is all you need.

Neutral for the lid, medium for the crease, darker shadow for outer corner, and a light color or shimmer for brow bone.

● Always prime your lids

● Build your Base- Apply a light color all over the lid with a wide full brush

● Define your Crease- Using a medium shade and a fluffy or angled brush apply shadow along where your eyelid meets your brow bone

● Define the Shape- Using a darker shade and an angled brush make a V-shape from the lash line to the outer corner crease (use a light hand, you can always add)

● Blend and Define- Blending is often overlooked! Marrying the shadows together helps so you can’t see where a color starts or ends. Once the shadow is smoothed out to perfection you can go in and define your lash line using liquid liner, pencil, or your favorite shadow using an angled brush

● Highlighting- Apply a light color or shimmer to your brow bone. You can also add a light shimmer to the inner corners to wake up a tired eye


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