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Cleaning Brushes

Clean brushes equals flawless healthy makeup application..

Washing your brushes at least once a month will help remove makeup build up as well as bacteria. Tea tree oil mixed in with Dawn dish soap and lukewarm water is a perfect concoction. Tea tree helps fight off bacteria and Dawn helps loosen up makeup oils.

Step one: Swirl brushes around to loosen up oils

Step two: Rinse under lukewarm water. Use your fingers gently to push off soap.

Step three: Grip your pointer finger and thumb on top of the brush, press down to drain brush of water.

Step four: Gently rub brushes on a towel to bring back the fluff. Getting as much water out is key so mold doesn't set it.

Step five: Air dry brushes in a jar or cup with brush standing upwards over night!

You’ll be all ready for your next makeup application.


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