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           Celebrity Makeup Artist
                & Eyebrow Specialist

Through passion and dedication, Cassandra Carrillo, has diligently mastered her craft as a premier make-up artist and expert stylist. For over two decades, she has been in the industry, helping her clients achieve their individual potential by visually reflecting their inner beauty through means of hair styling, make-up, and eyebrow couture.

She has worked in some of the most prestigious salons in Las Vegas, building a clientele base consisting of top celebrities and notable TV personalities, fashion industry vanguards, world politicians, and the quotidian mother. This allowed her work to be seen in advertisement, music and entertainment award shows, professional photo shoots, and fashion runways. Cassandra was also personally selected to be trained one-on- one by Anastasia of Beverly Hills, furthering her ability to adorn each client’s eyebrows according to their unique bone structure.

Cassandra’s exotic heritage; Mexican and Greek has naturally blessed her with a creative eye and gift to instill confidence and glamour to clients with the SOS 2:10 He calls me beautiful one makeup line. Cassandra is continuing her legacy of bringing EXQUISITE, STUNNING, EXUBERANT makeup for ALL WOMEN, ALL GENERATIONS.

"Every woman is beautiful. Makeup is just a tool to enhance the beauty God already gave her"

Cassandra Is A Strong Proponent In Believing That


Why the Name?

Song of Solomon 2:10
HE Calls Me Beautiful One

Through my life as a celebrity makeup artist, friend and woman; I have witnessed so many women lack the knowledge of how valuable they really are. It doesn't matter what age, ethnicity, size, color, or economic background. We tend to compare ourselves with other women, settle for less, and search in many different areas, trying to find fulfillment. I was one of those women! It took me turning to God and allowing HIM to pour HIS LOVE into me to discover who I am and my identity in HIM. 

Now sister, I am here to tell you through my makeup line, that you are beautiful, you are unique, you are wonderfully made. 


Song of Solomon 2:10 states it so clearly “BEAUTIFUL ONE”

This fascinating book in the bible describes not only the love 

between a man and a woman but the love that God has for all of us. 

Women, It’s time to step into the high heels of confidence and

believe that you can walk in your own beauty.


You Are Valuable.

You Are Worth It.

You Are Loved.

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